Monday, January 14, 2008

Venice Project: Day One

Day one finally came yesterday for us to embark on our first Yvonna Knightly project.

Very fruitful and much accomplished. Most all of the main characters and background of each were done AND some plot ideas recorded on nifty Google Docs, so it is easily amendable when ideas strike.I'm going to document our progress as we go along, so those who might be contemplating a book collaboration, you will see how WE did it. AND, I hope those who have worked with someone else on a project before might share pointers with us as well.Now the whole day is not filled with just work, we have to eat. When I'm working by myself, eating isn't really an issue because coffee and cigarettes seem to do the trick.Our work meals(with recipes and any pitfalls that occur) will also be documented as an "Odd Couple" extra. Angela is a superb cook with recipes galore. When it is MY week to provide the nutrients to keep our brains working well, I'll record my recipes too...just not quite what you'd expect as a recipe. SO...when we finish the project, this should be a funny show and tell collection.

The pictures and small description however will be posted each time.We had an initial minor accident with Angela's Mushroom/Tomato/Onion/Fava Bean Quiche. After some clean up, all was well and we resumed writing. It was grueling to smell that damn thing bake while working so I would get up and comb thru Angela's refrigerator for a snack to hold me over, since dummy me ate nary a thing for breakfast.Hunger was staved off by very salty olives, a few chips and sweet tea. By four o'clock quiche was done. Yummy as all get out ,we scarfed down half of it. Afterwords, feeling the drowsies...we finished last characterization sheet and rewarded ourselves by doing something a tad more fun. Both she and I both have to have a photographic visual for each character so mistakes aren't made in descriptives. This means scouring the internet for images that closely match who we think looks like the characters we created. Angela found perfect matches for our girls with Maria Grazia Cuccinotta and really young Virna Lisi. The men have been harder to agree on. First and foremost our Hero. Being Mostly Austrian he's not going to look what typically Angela and I find personally panty melting. We both like dark haired heroes. As of 12:28 pm today, We are still passing emails on the matter. If any one has any pictures of a devilishly handsome 6'2, blonde with cobalt blue eyes, please feel free to email us one at yvonnaknightly(at)gmail(dot)com.